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My name is Greg Maultsby. I am currently enrolled at North Carolina State University. My major is in undergraduate Nuclear Engineering. Also, I plan to receive a minor in mathematics. I plan to graduate in 2015. I choose this degree program because I am interested in working towards a cleaner energy solution, and to reduce the World's dependency on resources controlled by the unstable Middle East.

To be honest, I cannot remember any particular favorite break since I have been back to school. I have attended classes for the past three summers. Most breaks only last about a week or two. I usually take the opportunity to catch up on my notes during both spring and fall breaks. Unfortunately, this appears to be the life of a full time student. I cannot wait until I can get back into the work force to start earning money again, and maybe get a weekend off.

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  1. Decide on what you want on your pizza.
  2. Pick up the telephone.
  3. Dial the number for the pizza parlor.
  4. Tell the employee that answers the telephone your order.
  5. Give your address to the employee for delivery.
  6. Hang up the phone.
Class Expected Grade
E 115 Pass
NE 201 A
MAT 285 A
CSC 112 A
EGR 220 A
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