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My name is Ella Schauss. I am a freshman at NC State University. My major is Textile Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. I choose Textile and Biomedical engineering because I am interested in the medical field, but also like the diversity and practicality of Textile Engineering. I plan on doing something with medical textiles or tissue engineering with my degree.

My hobby, of right now, is lacrosse. I started playing lacrosse in September and really enjoy it. I practice Monday anf Wednesday with the NC State Women's Club Team. My position is midfield, but I like the defensive part more than the attack. The girls on the team are super nice and I am really glad I decided to play.

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How to order a pizza

  1. Find a pizza shop you like
  2. read menu and decide which pizza
  3. call pizza shop and order the pizza of your choice
  4. wait for pizza guy/girl
  5. pay pizza guy/girl when they arrive
  6. Eat pizza

  7. Class Grade
    MA241 A
    PHI205 A
    E115 S