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I am a computer and electrical engineeer major at NCSU. I plan to graduate in spring of 2019. This is my first semester @NCSU went to WTCC for 3yrs.

I chose this feild because I'm good at mathematics and science. My father was a carpenter and I inherited the hand the work from him. I want to become a trainer/mentor for a company who gives speeches and presents material.

Glenn likes public speaking. I am learning how to use the osciliscope. I have taken an intro to python course. I know how to use microsoft word and excel. I am really articulate with my hands for engineering.
Fall 2016 Spring 2017 Summer 2017
ECE-200: Intro to signals
ECE-109: Intro to computing systems
ECE-211: Periodic signals
ECE-209: Computer Systems Programming
CSC-226: Discrete Math