My name is Grant Swigart. I am currently a freshmen and I will be double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Economics. I decided to study Economics because I enjoyed it while in high school. I taught myself both AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics by purchasing and reading "Principles of Economics" by Greg Mankiw. Upon reading this book I discovered I had a genuine interest in this field of study and applied to the Poole School of Management within North Carolina State University. I received credit for both of these courses and am looking forward to taking EC 301 in the fall.

With my time not spent studying or in class I am often 3D printing. Because of the opening of the Makerspace within D.H. Hill Library I have quick and cheap access to a 3D printer. PLA plastic is relatively cheap which allows me to use the 3D printers for any creative need I want such as new phone case or a chess set. The current chess set that I am creating is a spiral based chess set. In order to differentiate between the pieces I have changed the top of the figures and have changed the height to match a typical chess set.

Dogs are superior to cats in every fashion. Dogs are social animals and you can truly have a relationship with your pet. You can teach dogs to act in way that you desire the to which cats cannot. Cats will not listen to commands or play with you. Dogs are also more fun becuase they can go on walks and will play with other dogs. While cats might play with other cats you cant do as much with them wich makes them a lesser pet.

    How to Construct an Insanely Awesome Sandwich
  1. Toast bread
  2. Add sliced deli tukey bread
  3. Place cheese and lettuce onto the top
  4. spread mayo and mustard onto bread
  5. Boom! You have a delicious sandwich!
class grade
E 115 pass
CH 111 98
MIE 201 95
3dprinter/ ESPN Essay on the Minimum Wage