Computer, electrical, engineering, and more ..

I am Gabriella "Gabbi" Ferguson and I have junior standings at NC State. I plan to major in computer engineering and double in electrical engineering. I was determined I was going to a veterinarian until junior year of high school. I had taken a bio class and by no means enjoyed it. I decided that since I obvious not enjoy being a vet I would look in to a different career. Since have always been around a family who work with computers or electrical work I should look computer/electrical engineering as a major.

I am a fairly energetic person, but sometimes I like to take a break from the outside world and get lost in a good novel. I put in my headphones, play music softly to drown out outside noises and find a comfortable place to relax and read. Most people don't believe I have the patience to read a novel; on the contrary, I am a quick reader who will stay where ever I am for a couple hours reading. I enjoy any genre of book (with the except of most non-fiction)-- horror, fantasy, etc. Also, I am a strong believer that books are always way better than the movies.


Pandora Radio Second favorite website (Facebook)
  1. Get 2 pieces of white bread
  2. Get peanut butter (PB)
  3. Get jelly (never jam)
  4. Coat one side of bread with PB
  5. Put jelly on either slice
  6. Mash both slices together and "bon appetit!"
Name of Class Expected Grade
E115 S
FLS102 S
USC101 A+