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Hello my name is Garrett Higdon. I am a freshman Here at NC State. I want to major in Civil engineering with a structural intent. The reason I chose this major is because in high school I competed in Architechtural Drafting and found a passion for constructing buildings. I later disovered that Civil engineering would allow me to design the structure of the buildings as a career.

My favorite hobby with out a doubt would be deer hunting. I have deer hunted pretty much all of my life and it has become something that is near and dear to my heart. Just this past year I killed the biggest deer up to this point in my life. In October I went down for a trip to my deer camp in south Georgia. While I was there I killed an eight point buck and this was the biggest deer I have ever killed.

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  1. Google Papa Johns Number
  2. Call Papa Johns
  3. When on the line with Papa John order a Hawaiian pizza
  4. Drive to Papa Johns pay for the pizza and pick it up
  5. Indulge
Course Name Expected Grade
MA 141 A
USC 102 A
E 115 S