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My name is Gayle Bussell and I am a freshman in the first year engineering program with a computer science intent. I have chosen this major because I took an intro to coding class in high school my junior year in high school and found it very fun and engaging. Then my senior year I took A.P. Computer Science and began to enjoy the the subject even more. I found it challenging and fun to try and solve problems with code because it is like a giant puzzle, which I have always enjoyed doing. Furthermore, here at NC State there is an option for a concentration in game design which seems really interesting to me because I have an artistic side, though not too developed, to me as well and that would keep more than just the technical side of me engaged.
My favorite hobby would without a doubt be watching movies. Movies can help my relax and unwind while still keeping my mind turning and thinking. I enjoy watching them because they take you on adventures to distant places real and fictionary. They are a break from reality where you can forget about everything else and just engage in what is in front of you. The emotion that one can feel from movies fascinates me because in within a matter of about 2 hours you can develop a connection with a character and then before you know it you are feeling the same things they are.
Procrastination Tools (aka games)
    How to make a peanut butter honey and granola sandwich
  1. Acquire the in ingredients listed above,a wrap, a plate, and a knife
  2. Put the wrap on the plate
  3. Use the knife to scoop the peanut butter out of its container and spread it on the wrap
  4. Sprinkle the granola chunks on the peanut butter
  5. Drizzle honey over the top of the peanut butter and granola
  6. Roll the wrap up
  7. Eat the wrap
Class Expected Grade
EC 205 A-
CH 101 A
CH 102 A+
MA 141 B+
E 115 S
E 101 A
ENG 101 A-