Gino Cecchi's Resume



I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am pursuing a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and anticipates graduating in Spring 2020.

Professional Goals

I chose chemical engineering because it builds upon my work experience in emissions testing and can be applied to several fields. Some of these fields include, but are not limited to, research & development, quality control, environmental work, and medicine. I do not know which of these options I will pursue, but I believe the following saying I adopted from Mike Rowe applies: "I am not going to follow my passion. I am going to bring my passion with me in everything that I do."

Skills Acquired From Current Employment In Emissions Testing

Relevant Course Work

Class Course Title Semester
CH 101 Chemsitry - A Molecular Science Fall 2016
MA 241 Calculus II for Engineers & Scientists Fall 2016
E 101 Introduction to Engineering Fall 2016
E 115 Introduction to Computing Environments Fall 2016
EC 201 Principles of Microeconomics Fall 2016