Welcome to the Land of Beer, Bald Eagles, and Freedom.

My name is Geoff. I am a Freshman. I'm majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I'm chose this because I want to become an automotive or race engineer. Nothing says freedom like making fast cars go faster.

One of my favorite hobbies is racing. It doesn't even matter what kind of race. I'll race you in my car, on foot, on a bike whatever. I haven't entered one yet but we even have lawn mower racing in my home town. Whatever kind of race you wanna have I will win unless I don't.

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How to make a car go faster for free

  1. Call redneck friend with lots of tools and tell him to come over
  2. Grab saw of your choice
  3. Cut out all excess weight... So basically everything except the engine, transmission, axles, and wheel.
  4. Bolt in plastic seat from desk cause it's lighter.
  5. Put the hammer down in your new lightweight POS!

Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
GC 120 A
ECE 383 A

Racing Lawn Mower