My name is Grayson Fulp, and I am a freshman. I am majoring in civil engineering. I chose this major because I am very intersted in the disigneing of bridges and roads. Since I was a small child I have always been interested in how things like these are made and constructed. I have currently CODA'd and put my first choice as cicvil engineering and my second choice as mechanical engineering

My favorite break from school would have to be Christmas. I love the feeling in the air, as I get together with all my family. Not only do I get to celbrate with my family, but also I love the meaning behind the whole holiday. Another reason why I like Christmas is because it is also the longest break we get from school. Christmas is my favorite break from school.

I love March Madness . It is one of the best times of the year. It is a time for upsets and heartbreaks, and expecting the unexpected. March madnes can be a great time for people to boast in their team's successes, but with March Madness younever know when that run will end. I love March Madness.


To-Do List

  1. Call Restaurant
  2. Order White Bread
  3. Order Ham
  4. Order Lettuce and Mayo
  5. Pay the money
Class Name Grade
CalcII 95
Physics 75
E115 70