How To Spread Chocolate Over Your Toast

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My favorite hobby is to dress up like a potato and wallow in my grandfather's garden when he is taking a nap. I ordered a potato suit on when I was 15 years of age. It still fits exactly the same. I must not have grown since. Once I am fully covered in soil I ponder life as a potato. When I am done I raise from the Earth, shake off, and go back about my business.

Here is a document explaining why Superman is not real.

How to make a sandwich so you can look super cool for all the ladies

  1. Get 2 bread slices out of the bag, like a boss
  2. Put bread on plate or napkin so you can spread some sweetness on them
  3. Get your favorite sweetness like meat, cheese, lettuce, peanut butter, or jelly and put it on them babies
  4. Put one piece of bread with sweetness on the other piece of bread
  5. Cut that sandwich half with an axe or sword
  6. Eat it with your mouth hole
Class Expected Grade
Calc 3 B
Anthropology A
Java B