Hi my name is
Grayson Jones

I am a Freshman in computer science.

I chose this major because computers have interested me since I was a little kid.

I always wondered how computers worked and how one machine could be designed to do so many things.

I want to one day program
and design games.

Summer break is my favorite break from school.
The length in and of itself is already great, but the fact that it is long enough that you do not have to worry about how much time

is left
in the break is the greatest part.
You can spend more time enjoying the weather at the beach than counting down the days until you have to go back to school. It is also a universal break, so all of your friends that go to other schools are off as well. It also helps that Summer is my favorite time of year in general.


  1. Decide you and your friends want pizza
  2. decide where you want to order from
  3. figure out what toppings you want
  4. call pizza place
  5. realize no one wanted those toppings
  6. hang up
  7. fight over the toppings for 20 minutes
  8. call back and order a large 1/2 meatlovers 1/2 hawaiian, a medium cheese, cinnesticks, and breadsticks
  9. wait inpatiently for food to get there
  10. delivery guy gets there
  11. try to split up the cost evenly between everyone
  12. give up. Just give the delivery guy $10 tip and not worry about it
  13. Eat delicious pizza
Class Expected Grade
CSC116 B
MA141 A
CH101 B
CH102 A
EC201 A
E101 A
E115 S