Welcome to the Webpage of Garrett O'Bryant!

Picture of me and Gerringer

My Future Goals

I am a Freshman at NC State University studying Mechanical Engineering. My older brother shown in the picture above is also a student at NC State University and is studying Mechanical Engineering as well. He will graduate next year and then begin to pursue a masters degree in engineering. I am hoping to graduate in the spring of 2020 but do ont want to continue with school. I am very excited to get out into the working world and begin my career after undergrad.

Why Mechanical Engineering?

My older brother really talked me into studying Mechanical Engineering. Originally i planned on studying business but I am very glad I chose Engineering instead. I really enjoy the math and science involved in Engineering and am hoping to CO-OP next spring and get some work experience while in school. I think this will help better find a job when I graduate and begin my career as a Mechanical Engineer!

Some of My Skills and Qualities

Courses I Have Taken

Class Course Title Semester
CH 101 Introduction into Chemistry Fall 2016
E 101 Introduction into Engineering Fall 2016
MA 341 Applied Differential Equations Spring 2016