Welcome to my page!

Hello! My name is Guillermo Cortez-Rodriguez, and I am a sophomore transfer student. My intended major is Materials Science and Engineering. I chose this major because I wanted to do something that would be hands on and in lab.

The only job I have had was with my father as his assistant for his business. He would deal with the companies face to face and hiring employees while my mother was payroll. This left me with anything else like emails, invoices, and forms sent from anywhere to be filled out to the best of my ability.

Professional photo of Guillermo

Most interesting classes:

  1. HESA 226 Skin and Scuba Diving I
  2. HESO 255 Basic Canoeing
  3. HESO 258 Basic Rock Climbing
  4. HESS 251 Target Archery
Club Name Link
Material Advantage Student Chapter Club 1
Materials Research Society Club 2