My name is Gabriel Cole Simerson, but I normally go by Gabe. I am a freshman here at NC State and I interested in the Computer Science major. The reason why I chose this major is because I really enjoy working with computers and spend a fair amount of time using them. I plan on CODA-ing by the end of the fall semester of 2012. My second choice for a major is Computer Engineering.

My favorite break is summer break. It's the time of year when all of your classes are over and you have that peace of mind that there are no assignments in the back of your head. It is also the time when my family goes to the beach and it is pretty much the most chill time of the summer. I can sleep all day and no one can get mad at me. You just can never go wrong with the beach.

Orange Knight
  1. Make dough
  2. Cover dough in pizza sauce
  3. Spread cheese over pizza sauce
  4. Cover cheese with favorite toppings
  5. Bake in the oven until cooked
Class Grade
CH101 B
MA241 B
E115 Pass
PY205 C-
E101 B
Myrtle Beach