Welcome to my independent assignment on webpages!

Hi my name is Grant Stevenson and I am a freshman at NC State planning on studying aerospace engineering. I want to go into aerospace engineering because I am interested in how aircraft works and all of the things they are capable of. I also have an interest in physics and therefore I may pick up a minor just to boost my resume.

My work experience includes working at Best Buy, lifeguarding, flipping houses, and coaching lacrosse. My favorite job out of all of them is lacrosse coaching by far. I enjoy coaching because I like to work with children and it's also enjoyable teaching them something I enjoy

Photo of me
Classes I want to take
  1. Aerospace Senior Design
  2. Scuba Diving
  3. Fluid Dynamics
  4. Intro to Aerospace
ClubsLink to webpage
Sailing club Sailpack
Ski and Snowboard club Ski club