Gabbriel Abbott's Resumé

Gabbriel Abbott


I am presently attending North Carolina State University to complete a bachelors of Science in Meteorology.
My anticipated graduation date is in May of 2019

Career Opportunities

I chose to major in meteorology because I have always been fascinated with the way that the weather works.
I have also always loved math and science. When I graduate, I plan to attend graduate school and then my dream
job would be to work for the National Weather Service.

My Skills


Class Name of Course Semester
MEA 493 Introduction to Computing in the Geosciences Fall 2016
MEA 215 Atmospheric Science Spring 2017
MEA 315 Math Methods of Atmospheric Sciences Fall 2017
MEA 312 Atmosphere Thermodynamics Fall 2017
MEA 321 Air Quality and Climate Spring 2018