Welcome to Garrett's E115 Page

My name is Garrett Becker. I am a freshman in the first year engineering program. I am currently undecided which department to choose, but my top choices include biomedical and mechanical engineering. I chose biomedical as my top choice because I like how interdisciplinary it is, and there are many ways to help people. I want a dynamic job that involves a lot of work with people in the medical field to improve their lives. Whatever department I choose, I want it to be rewarding for the work I put into studying, and I want to use it to better other people's lives directly.

One of my favorite hobbies is traveling. I love being able to explore new places and see interesting sights. One way I hope to accomplish traveling more is by going on international mission trips with my college ministry, Cru. There are so many places and cultures to experience that I don't want to spend all of my time in the US. Traveling is expensive, but it is full of rewarding experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

Traveling to the beach College student and love traveling? Go here.

How to make my favorite sandwich.

  1. Get two pieces of bread.
  2. Place lettuce on the bottom of the sandwich.
  3. Slap on a couple of tomato slices.
  4. Cook up a couple slices of bacon.
  5. Add in the sizzling bacon slices and the second slice of bread and you are done!
Course Expected Grade
CH 101 A
MA 141 A+
E 101 A
I like traveling