This page is composed of poems and reflections from me.

Circle of Life

My predominant wisdom began in the year of 97.

I thought this tooth would ache as it split the flesh back to Heaven.

Even though I had forgotten it was there,

It began to strengthen through prayer.

It is ironic that for twenty-eight years I had not known,

Why a tooth would be so late to show its bone.

It is ambiguous to me how it came at a perfect time,

True evidence of a presence divine.

Now I can walk seeing that my cipher is complete,

As I spread my knowledge throughout the street.

Copyright ©2005 Gregory D Johnson


I saw a woman walking, on the freeway,

As I drove by, on my way to school one day.

She was dressed out dated, a woman whom society probably hated.

Fat, black, and old, three strikes against her in this community I'm told.

I saw a woman walking, on the interstate, my soul waited

With flip-flops, feet landing where water had abated.

Shall I give her a lift, is this my time to receive a blessing or a gift.

Her face looked frustrated, yet possibly determining.

My mind wondering, how much is this woman earning.

I saw a woman walking, on the highway

As I drove away, is this a woman, with the spirit of Yahweh.

Yes I'm sure, because he is everything including you, the tree and Yahshua.

I saw a woman walking on the freeway; she must have covered twenty miles

That day, on her way.

Copyright ©2005 Gregory D Johnson


I can be righteous in the midst,

Of all this foul language, it's a twist,

Of the tongue rappin in Gideon,

We'll keep praying until the kingdom comes.

The past has already happened,

And the future to, if you had a clue

Then you knew. That time is a continuous motion,

It is a circle not a straight line.

Now let me tell you, and I know you've heard

The most powerful presence in the universe,

And that's my Word!

He can bring you wisdom, or even wealth,

Or turn around and beat you to death.

Unless we're thinking in One accord,

We have to beware of the Double-Edged Sword.

Copyright ©2005 Gregory D Johnson


We witnessed 1000's of people die, and it was televised\ When Gill Scott said the revolution would not, that brother was live\ You see we're into a new world of trade\ That old system is through\ When they come with the prison camps, and martial law\ What you going to do? They've immobilized and desensitized your mind via the screen\ We are still laughing, getting high, two ears with nothing in between\ Kids go to school to hear words that rule\ Economies, principalities, calamities, Romans started that voo\ Do you have the quality, which is time to liberate your mind\ Some of yawl can't keep up like Hannibal's got you blind\ Conscience is expressed when people are oppressed, you've seen the history\ Do you know the rest\ The rue is spreading like a plaque, a virus we have become down to the crest\ It's going to get worse before it gets better destruction is set\ Don't look at your neighbor he can't labor or even the news\ They've got us paying attention to each other's skin hues\ Heftier never left her; she's on the cover nude\ The abomination that's killing the nation, signs of frustration not new\ It started in the mind, your perception of time is blurred, not seen\ When we talk about months in a year, 4 wks in a month 52/4=13\ Make Holy the Sabbath; one step to Heaven\ The Sabbath Day in number is 7\ Saturday, how did the day of the sun become one of worshipping Hun\ You see the adversary deceived the whole world, not just Eve in the rain\ How can you split up that which can't be contained? Doing this is insane\ You've got trinities, ideologies, divinities strictly mundane\ These same ministers with no self-control getting woodes from Soul Train\ I flew off a little bit, but the Word says the tongue can't be tamed\ One of the smallest members of the body wreaks havoc on the flesh\ If you are in connection with your spirit, with your soul the enemy can't mess\ Another misconception if you know what I mean\ Is when does a day begin, morning and evening\ The evening then the morning was the 1st day\ The evening came first, and then the morning was the end of the day\ We sleep during the beginning and are awake for the ending of the day\ But that's ok anyway\ Like in the beginning darkness was 1st, and then came light to guide the way\ You party goers Escalade owners take a heed to Gwiz\ This is a message in Eternity focused at showbiz\ Like Goody said, I came to shed some light\ That hustling, robbing, and stealing boy you know its not right\ You talk about the system, but with your brother you fight\ This message is going to glide by you just like a kite\ That contraband that you pack can get you 20 to life\ You thought they were playing when they said 3 strikes\ Now they've stripped you down all you got is your Word\ When you were on these streets, you should have stayed away from the curb\ It's been six years since you've been in a tub\ Having nightmares of grown men who rub, each other to a discussable degree\ You're telling yourself, "Only in my mind I'm free"\ I'm never getting out, and how could this be? I'm going to lie down and try to find my chi\ Chorus I was so blind now I'm spending time\ My body is trapped behind\ No more sublime, just subliminal\ Now I live with criminals\ Copyright ©2005 Gregory D Johnson