Hey! I just Met You and This is Crazy. . .

Hello everyone and welcome to my webpage! This webpage is part of an assignment for my college class E115. I attend NC State University. . .GO WOLFPACK!!!! Well I hope you guys enjoy!

My name is Gabrielle J., and I am a first year student as of 2016. My intended major is electrical and computer engineering. I always knew that I was going to be an engineer because I love to problem solve and working with my hands.
I did not know, however which type of engineering I wanted to get my degree in until my junior year of highschool. I love working with circuits and learning about the computer and how it works is always interesting.
I realized that I could get a career that I love in this major, and so hopefully I can CODA into it and do what I love.

I don't know if this counts as a hobby, but I love to play solitare or tetris on my computer. I know that can sound a little "nerdy", but I like it. I love acheieving a new high score. The best feeling is when I finish solitare with a new time record.
It is especially enjoyable to play solitare and tetris with music. When there is a catchy tune in my ear, I can accomplish anything! (well I like to think so anyways!) I love to find new music by new artists.
Anyways. . .solitare is great! Tetris is amazing! the theme song for tetris. . .my goodness! It is catchy! I have it in my head right now! If you haven't played these classic games, you really should cause it will change your life!

Click the Image below to open my favorite website in a new tab! Youtube!!!
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If you want to see my resume. . .you might want to click here

How to make my favorite pizza! Pineapple and bacon! yummy!

  1. First you Preheat the oven at 350 degrees. Then you get the dough and roll it out until it is flat and even. No lumps or bumps allowed!
  2. Then you spread the tomato sauce and cheese on the pizza. I prefer mozerella shredded cheese. Don't hold out on the cheese now!
  3. Then you add the pineapples and fully cooked bacon pieces. Fresh pineapple is the best, but canned will also do fine also. Make sure to cut or slice your bacon into chunks.
  4. Put the pizza in the oven. and leave it in there for 15-20 minutes until cheese is melty and pizza looks hot. Cooking time varies with each oven.

Current Classes I am taking Expected Grades
PY 205 B
PY 206 A+
MA 241 A-
ECE 109 B
ENG 101 A-

Love for Tetris