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Hello, my name is Gibson Russell. I am a freshman here at NC State with two intended majors. I'm planning on majoring in Aerospace Engineering because I enjoy physics a lot. I think it would be really cool to design planes and learn about the aerodynamics that govern flight. I am also in the Ben Franklin Program, so my second intended major is economics. I find the subject really interesting, after taking it my last year of high school. I'll figure out next semester whether or not I can handle the course load associated with two majors

My favorite hobby is longboarding. I have been skating since middle school, and I think it is a really awesome sport. It's good for exercise and a nice way to get some fresh air. I started skating because my older brothers did, and eventually, I just fell in love with it. It really does not take a long time to get the hang of either, which was nice. Unfortunately, I have not been able to skate than much since being at NCSU. Hopefully, I'll bring my boards with me next semester, so I can get to class a little bit faster.

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  1. Get two slices of wheat bread
  2. Add turkey, ham, and cheese
  3. Then, put in the microwave for ten seconds
  4. Let it sit for a few seconds, and then finally, add pepper
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MA 141 B
CH 101 A
ENG 101 B