Grace Mang

Picture of Me

My attended major is Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Electronics and a minor in Business Management. I am currently attending NCSU, but the future university I would like to attend is Georgia Tech. Since I am a early college student my anticipated graduation date would be 2020.

The reason why I chose the major of Electrical Engineering is because I have always had an interested in Electronics, but I knew I could do more with an Electrical Engineering degree and concentrate in electronics. When I was younger I was always taking apart old electronics to see what was inside, to see how the components inside made the electronic work, and to learn how to put them back together. With my Electrical Engineering degree I plan to become an Electronic Engineer or an Electrical Engineer.

Special Skills and Qualities

Class Course Title Semester
Calc II MA 241 Sopomore First
Calc III MA 242 Sopomore Second
Public Speaking COM 110 Sopomore First
Intro Comp Sys ECE 109 Sopomore Second
Chem Molecular Sci CH 101 Sopomore Second