Welcome to the website about my life

My name is Girish Ganesh, and I am a first year pursuing Aerospace Engineering. I chose this major because I am very interested in exploration and wanted to achieve it with a STEM based major. I am also interested applying my math and science knowledge to help build these tools to discovery. I have always been interested in space since I was a child, and pursuing a career in Aerospace Engineering helps me explore this.

My dream job is to work at some high end space company like NASA or SpaceX, which does a lot of researh in putting humans in space. Working at this job would really bring me closer to one of my goals to work on explorations. Working here would also be a great way to get experience in the engineering field, ,and would overall give me a wonderful experience in witnessing some major milestones.

  1. Calculus 3
  2. Engineering 101
  3. Engineering 115
  4. Principles of Microeconomics
Name of Club Link to Club Website
Engineers Council https://ncsuengineerscouncil.wordpress.com/
High-Powered Rocketry Club http://www.ncsurocketry.com/