Georgia Burgess, c/o 2021

Welcome to my professional webpage. Here you will find my academic information as well as a link to email me.

My name is Georgia Burgess, and I am a freshman at NC State University. I am currently majoring in engineering, but that could potentially change to nutrition science. I am not entirely sure which undergraduate degree I would enjoy more at this point. I have always been very interested in human health and how our dietary and exercise choices effect our everyday lives. However, I also really enjoy math and systems, so I am staying in engineering for the time being.

Ultimately, my dream job would be working with NASA as a medical doctor and engineer who helps to study how to sustain astronauts. For me, this would be the perfect merger between all of my interests and something that I know I would be excited to do every day. It seems to me as the intersection of physics, systems, and human health, as well as satiating the interest in space that I have had since I was young.

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My Favorite Classes at NC State University

  1. Intro to Sociology:SOC 202
  2. Solar System Astronomy:PY 124
  3. Astrophysics:PY 543
  4. Intermediate Spanish:FLS 201
  5. Black Popular Culture:ARS 346

Club I am Interested In Link to Information
Freethinkers at NC State Freethinkers at NCSU
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