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My name is Georgia Hanby. I am originally from Wilmington, Delaware. I am a first year engineering student (undecided) at NCSU. I am interested in mechanical, and industrial engineering. I believe they are some of the most versatile engineering concentrations.

This past summer I worked for Summer Learning Collaborative. It is a non-profit with the goal to close the summer achievement gap of lower income students. It uses resources from grants, donations, fundraisers, and volunteers to instill hands on learning curriculum to already existing summer camps/community centers located in the inner city. I worked as an operations specialist, the link between the students and staff at the summer camps and the Summer Collab organization. I managed the supply budget, ordered materials, organized lesson boxes, helped implement activities, collected and presented data on the progress of the students throughout the summer. Overall I found it to be a very rewarding experience.

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My most interesting classes

  1. CSC116
  2. E101
  3. EC205
  4. Underwater Basket Weaving 101
    1. Club Name Link
      Engineers Without Borders EWB
      Society of Women Engineers SWE