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My name is Garrett Fussell, and I am from a rural area in Duplin county. I am a first year engineering major, and am leaning towards biological engineering. I have always wanted to be a engineering major, but have been unsure on which particular one I wanted to do. Orginally, I had always thought of studying mechanical engineering. However, I have decided because of my interest in biology and the environment, that I have started thinking of biological instead. My favorite hobby is onw that I sadly deiscovered my junior year in High School. I realized that I really enjoyed the sport wrestling and was a fast learner of the sport. My coaches had wished I had started my freshmen year because I enjoyed the sport so much, and was so dedicated to it, that they believed I had high potential to become a great wrestler. I really enjoy the physcial fitness of the sport, and how in shape you have to be to be able to have endurance, speed, and strength all in one sport. My weight class started out as the heavyweight, 285 pounds, but I ended my junior year being in the 195 weight class.

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  1. Mix the flour, yeast, and hot water until you have a consistent dough
  2. Roll out the dough to the wanted size and thickness
  3. Put the sauce on, then cheese, the rest of the toppings, and more cheese on top
  4. Throw in the oven at 500 degrees for about ten minutes, or until cooked to prefered doneness
Class Grade
Ch 101 84
Ma 141 83
E 101 100