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My name is Gracyn Hensley. I am from a small town about 3.5 hours away from here called Marion. I am a freshman here at NC State University! My current major is in the College of Sciences and is called Life Science First Year. I am switching into the College of Humanities and Social Sciences to change my major to Science, Technology, and Society at the beginning of next semester. I am very interested in the technology we use every single day in our world. I hope to one day find a job I would love to do every day that involves the use of technology. I would love to work in a hospital setting or maybe even a doctor's office. I love helping others and would love to be able to use my knowledge of technology to better other people's lives, which would in return, better my own.

I am thoroughly enjoying CSC 200! Most of this is all new information to me which i find very interesting. I like learning about all the ways computers work and how they are affecting our society on a daily basis. My favorite part of this course so far is probably the labs. I love being able to figure out how to do things and the most recent labs we are doing with our web pages and HTML files. Because I am interested in using technology in my future career, I would love to learn more about technology's affect on the world and how we are using it to our advantage today. One of the things I have not liked learning about is the SNAP program. Although it was fun to piece the blocks together and watch what act they performed, I was not very interested in learning how to use this particular program. As a whole, so far, I have loved my CSC 200 course and I hope to learn much more before the course is over.


Text Link to CSC 200 Moodle Site: https://moodle1415-courses.wolfware.ncsu.edu/course/view.php?id=3812

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