Grant Thomas' Webpage

Welcome to Grant Thomas' Webpage!! My name is Grant Thomas and I attend NC State University. I am a freshman and my major is Biomedical Engineering and I chose this major because it sounded really fancy and pretty cool. I was also thinking about switching my major to either chemical or civil engineering, but I'm just not too sure yet. So I hope to graduate in 2015 with some sort of engineering degree, but until then I plan on enjoying the college life!

My favorite break from school would definitely have to be winter break. My family and I try to go skiing every year either in the North Carolina mountains or in the Rockies and it is a lot of fun. I also prefer the cold weather over warm weather, the heat just makes me feel gross. Christmas is always a fun time of the year as well. I get to see most of my extended family who I don't get to see that often.

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  1. Italian Herbs Bread
  2. Ham
  3. American Cheese
  4. Lettuce and Tomato
  5. A lot of Banana Peppers
Classes Grade
E115 P
E101 A
MA241 A
CH101 A
ES 200 A
EC205 A
Vail, CO