My Name is Greyson Hodges, and I am a sophomore attending UNCW. I am currently enrolled in the 2+2 program here at UNCW and plan on declaring aerospace engineering as my major this coming fall. I chose aerospace engineering because I have a passion for flight and space, and also enjoy math and physics. I thought that aerospace was a perfect outlet for my personal hobbies and academic strengths.

I have a wide range of hobbies and its very difficult to pull out one as my favorite. But if I had to choose it would most likely be sailing. I live on the coast and the water has influenced my interests ever since I could stand up. After learning to surf at an early age, I started wanting something to do when the wind was too strong and the waves too flat. This hunt led me to sailing. I started off sailing smaller single sail Sunfishes, and now have graduated to sailing a Hobie Cat 16.

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This is a Link to a Paper I wrote about Boredom

    How to make a toasted pimento cheese sandwich:
  1. Open your favorite pimento cheese container from the fridge
  2. Turn on the toaster oven and grab some bread
  3. Spread the pimento cheese onto two slices of bread
  4. Place cheesy bread into the hot toaster oven
  5. After the cheese is melted and bread toasted remove the slices from the toaster
  6. Place toasted cheesy bread slices on top of each other and enjoy!

Engineering Statics B+
E115 S
Differential Equations A

Hobie 16 Sailing