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I am Gaochen Jin. I am a freshman in NC State University. My intended major is Material Science and Engineering. I think it is will be interesting and challenging for me and my father is an engineer, so that's why I choose MSE.

My hobby is watching movies. I often watching various movies with my father at home. He always recommend me some great movies, such as "The Shawshank Redemption","Life is beautiful"and"Gladiator". And also I like shopping with my friends.

NCSU My resume

How to order pizza

  1. download the Papa John's app
  2. open the app
  3. select your own pizza: cheese pizza
  4. select your own toppings: Pepperoni and Extra Cheese
  5. place and comfirm my order

Course Name Expected Grade
MA141 A
CH101 A
E115 S

my favortie movie