Gaelen Thomasian

Gaelen's beaming face

What I study

My major is Nuclear Engineering, at North Carolina State University. I anticipate graduating in the spring of 2019, though if possible, I will work on the accelerated Master's program, pushing graduation to 2020. I have CODA'd into this major, but because I transferred to NCSU into the MSE program, I have yet to start taking NE classes. I will start taking the NE classes in the spring of 2017.

Why I study it

I chose Nuclear Engineering because I want to be a part of the future of energy in America. With every advancement in energy sources, there has been huge progress in other areas of society, and there are aspects of nuclear technology that have yet to be controlled and put to use vís-a-vís energy production.

Class Course Title Semester
NE 202 Radiation Sources, Interaction, and Detection Spring 2017
NE 301 Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering Fall 2017
MAE 308 Fluid Mechanics 1 Spring 2018
NE 405 Reactor Systems Spring 2019
MAE 201 Engineering Thermodynamics I Fall 2017