Welcome to my life

My name is Garrett Welsh, I am currently a freshman at NC State in Raleigh, North Carolina
I currently do not have a decided major, I am definetly going to major in a STEM major though
My top threee picks are 1. Aerospace Engineering 2. Materials Science and Engineering and 3. Chemistry.
I really like Aerospace because i've always been facinated with Aircraft, and love flying.
Materials Science and Engineering is quite interesting, there is lots of potential forensics work in there.
I'm good at chemistry too, and I very much enjoy it

My favorite hobby right now is weight lifting. I got into it when I was around a junior in high school.
Since I quit playing soccer at the end of my senior year, lifting has become my new exercise, and has taken place of soccer.
I've gotten more competitive, and this has also forced me to become interested in nutrition as well, which I like a lot.
I really like to help first time gym-goers in giving them as unbiased knowledge that I posses, as to give them a good starting base

Mr Krabz

  1. Summon pizza dough from the underworld
  2. Cast tomato paste spell onto dough
  3. Cover dough from the coagulated milk of a bovine creature
  4. Placith tropical fruits, and meats from various animals onto current dough-paste-cheese disc
  5. Place in the oven at 450 for 10 minutes, enjoy

my idol putting in work
Class Grade
English 101 A
Calculus B
Economics A