Welcome to my assignment!

My name is Graham Fowler, and I am a freshman in the Engineering College, with an undecided concentration. Looking towards the future, I may consider becoming a computer scientist. Both of my parents are very well versed in the field, and my mom is even a university professor in business analytics and software. I enjoy the coding that I've learned in E 115, and it has prompted me to learn more about the field to see if it would be something I am seriously interested in.

Some day, I'd like to be an astronaut. Why, you say? It's a bunch of hard work and years of training to be able to function in the conditions of outer space. I'd be preparing to go on an adventure into possibly the most dangerous territory known to mankind. I may never see my friends or family again if one small technical error is miscalculated. So why would this be my dream job? Because of the honeys you get when you land back on earth. Case closed.

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My Most Interesting Classes at NC State:

  1. Intro to Christianity (REL 317)
  2. Calculus II (MA 241)
  3. Intro to Computer Environments (E 115)
  4. Chemistry 101

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