Welcome to Gabriel's webpage

My name is Gabriel. My graduating year is 2018 and my major is Computer Science. I have chosen this major because I have always had an interest in computers since a young age and have wanted to know how programs work and operate. Computers have become increasingly used in societies in our modern day societies, so I think it is a very important rising field. For example, I am very excited for autonomous cars.

My favorite hobby is watching and playing sports. I love to watch and play soccer the most, but I am interested in almost all sports. My second favorite sport would probably be basketball. My favorite soccer team is Bayern Munich. I do not really have a favorite basketball team.

I have never owned a cat or dog before, but I think they are very likeable animals. That is why so many people have them as pets. Cats and dogs offer comfort for people and can be a great way to help relieve stress. Look no further than our campus where students can interact with animals during a busy test week to destress! Having said all this, being a cat or dog owner is a very big responsibility and will always be a time commitment. Personally, although I love interacting with these animals, I do not think I want to own a cat or a dog.


How to order my favorite pizza

  1. First Step: Call the number for your local pizza chain (Pizza Hut, Papa John's, etc)
  2. Second Step: Ask for a pepperoni pizza with extra pepperonis!
  3. Third Step: Wait patiently!
  4. Fourth Step: Pay the person delivering and enjoy with friends!

Class Expected Grade
E115 S
CSC-216 A-
CSC-226 B+

Soccer Ball

(Caption)Image from: this website.