Hello, Welcome to My E115 Webpage!!

Hello vistors, my name is Grant Baver and I am a first year student dual majoring in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry! I decided to pursure Chemical Engineering because to me it is the perfect mixture of using math and science to solve problems. I have always loved designing systems, and the more complex the more fullfilling. I have always thought that it takes a special kind of person to be able to design a system that takes raw materials and transforms them into a usable product at the other end, which is a skill not many can do. I originally chose to dual major in Chemistry because I am very interested in Chemistry as well, so I thought that adding this dual major would allow me to be involved in all parts of the development of a product, from its creation to its manufacuturing. Lately however, I have been exposed to Paper Science and Engineering, and I think that I may instead dual major in PSE. Either way, I still want to be a Chemical Engineer.

My current favorite hobby is golf. I just started to pick up the game after I graduated from high school, and I really enjoy it. It is a great way to go out and relieve stress. I can go out on saturday for a round and I find that for a few hours I am able to forget all the stresses and worries of college and just enjoy myself. It is a great time to be outside and just have some fun. I also enjoy the game because it is an extremely skill oriented game, so I enjoy challenging myself to get better all the time. You can sometimes find me out on the lawn in front of my dorm at night chipping around golf balls just to take a break from my schoolwork. I have gotten really interested in the game, and I look forward to continuting to play and get better!

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If you would like to view my resume, it can be found here.

Here are the steps to order my favorite pizza:

  1. Call C and C's Pizza in Strausstown, PA
  2. Select what size pizza you want
  3. Select the toppings you want
  4. Pick up the pizza when it is done

Class Expected Grade
E115 S
CH 103 A
HON 202 A

Beautiful Golf Course