Welcome to my resume

My name is Guanpeng Li. I'm from China. I am 20 years old, and my major is statistics. I choose statistics because I am good at maths and it also is my parents' plan. I think it is a pretty easy major for me.

My favorite hobby is playing the piano. I started to play the piano when I was six years old. I play it really well and I often win some matches of piano in school. However, the process of learning piano was not much easy. I should practice playing the piano everyday and it also is my favorite hobby.

I like dogs very much. I had a little poppy when I was young. I often played with him. I like dogs because they are more friendly than other animals. 1 My resume

  1. Select a bread
  2. Add sliced meat, veggies, and cheese
  3. Add honey mustard
  4. Fry and broil
Course Grade
Ch101 80
St101 90
Es100 90