This is a simple web page designed for E115 at NCSU.

My name is Glen Jackson. I am a transfer student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering programs at NC State. I chose to study engineering because it is a challenging and prestigous program. I get satisfaction out of solving difficult problems and implementing the solution. I am proud and honored to be part of NCSU.

I work a full time job and also have part time professional commitments in addition to my course load at NCSU, so I don't have much time for hobbies. I have always enjoyed the outdoors in my spare time. I have a large dog who likes to be outside also, so we usually go for a daily walk through the forest trails. Sometimes I'll relax by watching a movie - I try to watch at least one a week. I enjoy playing video games also, lately I've been going retro and playing mostly NES games.

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    A list of my education-

  1. Middle Tennessee State University B.S. Aerospace
  2. Wake Technical Community College A.A.S. Electronics Engineering Technology
  3. Wake Technical Community College A.A.S. Computer Engineering Technology
  4. Current Student - NCSU Electrical and Computer Engineering

Courses that I'm taking Fall 2015 semester.

Course Name Expected Grade
E115 P
E100 A
MA242 A

Good times!
Australian Shepherd Camping