My name is Grace So. I am a 1st year. I am planning to major in mechanical engineering. I wanted to try mechanical engineering because I am very interested in machines and how things work. Also, I want to be able to make a lot of money after I graduate.

I enjoy playing the piano as a hobby. It is very calming and allows for me to express my creativity. I mostly play songs that are from shows, but occasionally I will play classical. I wish I was able to learn more when I was taking piano lessons, as it would be easier to play more difficult pieces. Also, since I am unable to bring my piano to my dorm, it is quite hard for me to practice, therefore I practice at the music center whenever I can.

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    Ordering Pineapple Pizza
  1. Open Papa Johns Website
  2. Pick normal crust
  3. Choose pineapple topping
  4. Choose shipping address and pay
Course Name Expected Grade
MA 241 C
E 101 A
E 115 S
CH 101 B
CH 102 A
ENG 101 A