Welcome to My Page!

My name is Grant Bonds and I am a freshman here at NC State.
I am planning to CODA into the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department seeking dual electrical and computer engineering degrees.
I am attempting to obtain Electrical and Computer Engineering degrees because I enjoy creating and learning about electrical circuits and computers.
As I spend more time learning about such concepts, the more I am facinated by the elegance of it and am always eager to learn more.

I am currently the co-founder and Lead Hardware Manager at Clear Ink Crypto.
Clear Ink Crpyto is a new company that utelizes the boom in popularity of cryptoocurrency mining.
We offer investment oppertunities to enterprising investors and mine with our own equipment.
My job is to ensure that our hardware is always running and when it goes down, make sure any problems are resolved.

    Interesting Classes
  1. ECE 109: Introduction to Computer Systems
  2. ECE 306: Introduction to Embedded Systems
  3. ECE 407: Introduction to Computer Networking
  4. ECE 464: ASIC and FPGA Design with Verilog
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NC State Underwater Robotics Club Website Link
App Development Club Website Link