Welcome to my page about me, Gabriel.

Hey, I am Gabriel Haywood. I am a sophomore (Class of 2020) in the major of computer science. I chose computer science because I always had an interest in computers when I was young. I was especially interested in consumer electronics like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Because I loved those products so much, I aspired to be an IT guy for some reason. Then, as the years went on, I changed my career goal to software engineering, which is still in the field of computer science. Frankly, I could not tell you why I wanted to be a software engineer. Maybe because I thought it looked cool? Or maybe I liked the idea of creating softwares or games from scratch.

Because I enjoy games, I would like to the process of making one and if it would be enjoyable as an occupation. However, if I take a class in gaming development and I don't enjoy it, I might change occupations. Currently, editing software does not seem too exiting, but if it does get more fun, I will continue my carrer choice as a software engineer. At first, I didn't really consider web design as an occupation, however, this past week made me consider the possibility. It may be more fun than editing software. Conclusively, I will work either as a game developer, software engineer, or another related career (ex. web designer, database administrator, mathematician, etc.)

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  1. CSC 481 Game Engine Foundations
  2. CSC 561 Principles of Computer Graphics
  3. MA 421 Intro to Probability
  4. ENG 331 Communication for Engineering and Technology
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