Welcome! Metron's secret diary

In this world I am known as Gina Marie Higgins. I am disguising myself as a Mechanical Engineering freshman. I chose this secret identity because there are a million of them. So it is easier to blend in. My back story is because I want to make a difference in peoples lives. I also considered graphic design as a major, but decided I'd rather have money while living on this inferior planet.

I must bide my time here somehow. I have found that the least repugnant activity is to partake in this world's nourishment. Eating has provided me an opportunity to partake in the different cultures of the world while simply sitting in a dinning hall. This also gives me the opportunity to observe the natives in a relaxed and neutral environment. It pleases my living-mates to share meals, and I have learned much of these humans "gossip" during these group meal periods.

i dont even know My Fake Resume
  1. Slightly burn white bread
  2. Spread the buttery remnants of crushed P-nuts on said bread
  3. Cut oblong, yellowish fruit into thing slices
  4. Place disected fruit parts at equal distances on bread
  5. Consume carefully, experience shows this requires "milk", sandwich substance is sticky
Class Grade
Calc 1 A
Eng 101 A