Welcome to Graham's Page

Hello! My name is Graham Hulvey. I am a freshman here at NC State. I intend to study biomedical engineering. Biomedical engineering is applying engineering concepts and problem solving techniques to the health industry. I am interested in studying biomedical instrumentation and wearable technology. Biomedical instrumentation focuses on medical device manufacturing and can help save lives with pace makers, insulin pumps, and other devices. This is ultimately why I want to be a biomedical engineer. I have a good set of problem solving skills but I want to be able to improve the lives of those around me as well.

My favorite hobby is playing sports. I played football and lacrosse in high school but now I try to play as many intramurals as I can fit into my schedule. I've tried softball, basketball, and volleyball since I've gotten to State. I really like learning to play new sports because it makes it more interesting. It also helps me free up my mind from schoolwork and other things in my life.

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How to Order the Perfect Pizza

  1. Find Falino's Pizza in the Vermont Phonebook
  2. Call the number
  3. Ask for the buffalo chicken pizza with extra ranch dressing
  4. Ask for extra crispy crust
  5. Go to pick it up (It's 18 hours away from Raleigh)
  6. Enjoy!

Class Expected Grade
PY 205 B+
PY 206 A
CH 221 B+
CH 222 A+
E115 S
ENG 101 A-
HON 293 A

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