Cybersees: Type II: Cyber-Enabled Water and Energy Systems Sustainability Utilizing Climate Information, National Science Foundatin, 09/2014-08/2018, $1,200,000 (Co-PI)

WSC3: Water Sustainability under Near-term Climate Change: A cross-regional analysis incorporating socio-ecological feedbacks and adaptations, National Science Foundatin, 08/2012-08/2016, $1,499,536 (Co-PI)

An Adaptive Leak Detection and Risk Analysis Framework For Urban Water Distribution Systems, National Science Foundatin, $291,122, 08/15/2011 through 07/31/2015 (PI)

Development of a Scalable Parallel I/O Module for Environmental Management Applications, Battelle Memorial Institute (Battelle) (Prime--US Dept. of Energy (DOE)), $93,596, 07/27/2010 through 09/30/2012 (PI)

Performance Engineering Research Institute (PERI), Oak Ridge National Laboratories - UT-Battelle LLC (Prime--US Dept. of Energy (DOE)), $279,776, 06/07/2007 through 12/15/2011 (PI)

Development of a Design Tool for Planning Aqueous Amendment Injection Systems, US Army (Prime--US Dept. of Defense (DOD)), $503,000, 03/31/2006 through 03/31/2012 (Co-PI)

DDDAS-TMRP (Collaborative Research): An Adaptive Cyberinfrastructure for Threat Management in Urban Water Distribution Systems, $799,626, 01/01/2006 through 12/31/2009(PI)

ITR: A Prototype to Enable Near Real-Time Environmental Characterization on the Grid, National Science Foundation, $566,561, 09/01/2003 through 08/31/2007 (PI)

High-end Computer System Performance for Science and Engineering Applications, Oak Ridge National Laboratories - UT-Battelle LLC, $152,981, 10/01/2002 through 12/31/2006(PI)

CAREER: High-End Computing In Environmental Engineering With Application to Subsurface Characterization, National Science Foundation, $400,000, 07/01/2003 through 06/30/2009 (PI)