Hi there!

My name is Gracie Maddocks. I am a first year engineering student in NC State's College of Engineering and I currently have Electrical Engineering Intent. I chose to go into Electrical Engineering because of the modern applications of the field. This especially true in regard to the application of Electrical Engineering in application to the improvement of the quality of human life.

I am hoping to one day work in the wearable technology field. This would be my dream job because it would combine my three main passions for creativity, innovation, and service. I have family members who have headed projects in the wearable technology field as well, so seeing their success and interest is a great part of what inspired me to have wearable technology as my dream job. Wearable technology also capitalizes on all different types of engineering, so it is intriguing to know that I would be able to work with a diverse, collaborative group of people if I got a job in this field.

A picture of myself with my younger cousin.
  1. HON 347: Freedom and the Self
  2. ECE 109: Introduction to Computer Systems
  3. HON 299: The Music of Language
  4. MA 242: Calculus III for Engineers
Club/Organization Link to Website
NCSU Engineer's Council https://ncsuengineerscouncil.wordpress.com/
Girls Engineering Change https://getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organization/girlsengineeringchange