Welcome to my E115 website!

I am Max McLean, and am currently a freshman in first year college. I am currently interested in transferring into the college of engineering, and majoring in civil engineering. I am also looking into minors in business administration and computer science. I hope to transfer over the summer.

My favourite hobby is wood working. It stared when my parents began to renovate my house. They needed help making decorative wooden door frames and floor boards. More recently I helped to make a wooden shelf that wraps around the entirety of my home theatre. Also over this past summer, I spent time turning old cast iron bench frames into new restored benches.

Reddit Resume

  1. Cut bagel in half and toast till golden.
  2. Apply mayonnaise to each side of bagel.
  3. Place salami and cheddar cheese on a separate plate and microwave for 20 seconds.
  4. Place warm meat and cheese on bagel.
  5. Eat and enjoy.
Class Grade
E115 S
Ma241 B
Py205 A