ME: The Website

My name is Grady Nash. I am a freshman in the College of Engineering. At the moment my specific major is Mechanical Engineering, but I am open to considering other majors. I have always been a fan of science and mathematics, so engineering seemed like the obvious choice. I also never saw another major that really caught my eye.

My favorite break from school is probably Spring Break of this year. I went snowboarding with my Dad in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! It was a fantastic trip for me, but unfortunately my Dad fell and dislocated his shoulder on the first day right before lunch. It was a huge disappointment that my Dad couldn't snowboard with me, but I made the best of it and took an advanced lesson to improve my skills and ride with someone who knew the mountain. I ended up being in a lesson with one other kid who ended up being my age and from very close by, and we rode together for the rest of the trip. My Dad and I will both have memories from this trip for a long time I'm sure, albeit for different reasons!

I have never really been interested in watching sports, and as such I honestly don't even know what March Madness is. I'm not joking, I hear about stuff like March Madness all the time but I've never taken the time to figure out what they specifically refer to. I just don't care about sports teams on TV. In fact the only sports I really enjoy watching on TV are extreme sports, like snowboarding. In the words (as best as I can recall them) of one of my favorite comedians, Brian Regan: "Go my favorite sports team! Score more goal-basket-point-units than the opposing team!".

My Favorite Webcomic!

This has nothing to do with whiskey!

  1. Realize that I can't cook
  2. Recall that my mother is an awesome cook
  3. Drive to my Mom's house to "visit"
  4. Sneakily suggest she make me a sandwich
  5. Watch her make it
  6. Enjoy it thoroughly with a glass of milk

My Expected Grades
Class Grade
CH 101 B
ENG 101 B+
MA 241 C

Jackson Hole (I took this!)