Welcome to Greg Schwartz 101

My name is Greg Schwartz and I am a freshman enrolled at NCSU and set to graduate in 2018. I am currently planning to major in Computer Science and hope to pursue that interest throughout college. Just like learning Spanish, French, or any other language, computer science requires you to understand foreign languages that computers understand and learn to communicate with those computers. I find this very interesting and enjoy doing so. I hope to learn a multitude of these languages including html and java.

My favorite hobby is playing basketball. It is good exercise and I enjoy being competitive with others. There is not really much else to say about basketball so I will just talk about random basketball associated things. Running up and down the court can be a real blast. Shooting the sphere into a circle is a magical experience. You can make some life long buddies playing basketball which is super. The ladies love a baller.

My Resume

How to make a BLT.

  1. Get some bread, bacon, lettuce, and tomato.
  2. Start toasting the bread and cooking the bacon.
  3. While the break and bacon are being prepared, cut the tomatoes and lettuce
  4. Once the bread is toasted and the bacon is cooked, find a plate.
  5. Put everything together, and have yourself a BLT Sandwich.

Class Expected Grade
PY 205 B
MA 241 A+
CSC 116 A+