I'm better than everyone!

I am Guthrie. I hope to graduate in 2014 with some kind of degree in engineering. I like engineering because engineers get to make stuff and that would be fun for me. Engineers also make money; I like money. I also want to be an engineer because everyone will think I'm smart.

My favorite vacation would probably have something to do with being with myself. I think it would be good for me if I went to a solitary place to spend time with myself. Staying in my house doing whatever I wanted would be beneficial for me. I also wouldn't have to spend money on other people or do things that other people like to do. I know my vacation idea is better than everyone elses.

I own a dog so I know that dogs are better than cats. According to me, dogs are better servants that will fetch items for me. Cats don't make me happy at all. I don't think the instructor of this course should advocate for animal violence or blood sports by forcing me to discuss, "cats vs. dogs". I don't advocate for animal violence. And even if I did, I wouldn't want my reputation to get tarnished if people heard about me. People only hear good things about me.

How to make my sandwich!

  1. Be me.
  2. Gather my favorite ingredients. Edible gold and filet mignon would be suitable for me.
  3. Plant wheat for me.
  4. Harvest wheat for me.
  5. Convert wheat into bread for me.
  6. Cook filet and gold, place on bread for me.

My Class My Grade
MA 141 A+
EC 201 A+
E115 S
My Vacation