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Graham Major

My name is Graham Major and I am currently a freshman at NC State. I am planning to major in either Civil or Mechanical Engineering, and possibly obtain a minor in business. I chose Engineering due to the fact that I have always enjoyed creating things that may actually be used. I also understood math and science subjects very well and an engineering career seemed reasonable due to that.

The first job I had was at a local hardware store called Earl's True Value, in Fredericksburg Virginia. I worked there for about 2 years, up until I left for college, and it taught me a lot during that time. While the job was relatively boring, it taught me a lot of useful things about plumbing, machinery, and hardware. I very much enjoyed working there and I do miss it, but I am happy to be done there.

These are some of my favorite classes I will, or already have taken.

  1. Modern American Historry
  2. Physics
  3. Golf
  4. Economics

These are two of the organizations I am currently in, or intend to be a part of.

Organization Link
NCSU Skate Club NCSU Skate Club's GetInvolved
NCSU Ski and Snowboard Club Ski and Snowboard Website