Welcome to Graham Flinchum's web page!

My name is Graham Flinchum and I am a freshman in the First Year Engineering Program. I want to be an engineer because I am a good problem solver and I like to figure out how things work and fix them. After this semester I plan to transfer into the Electrical Engineering program to get my BS in electrical engineering and possibly double major in computer engineering as well. I'm fascinated by technology and robotics and I want to understand how they work and how to build them, which is why I want to be an electrical engineer. Ever since I went to the Engineering Open House here at NCSU I have wanted to study electrical engineering, simply because those demonstrations were the most interesting to me.

My favorite hobby is definitely playing sports. I played baseball all throughout elemntary school, then switched to soccer in middle school, and finally picked up swimming my freshman year of high school, which is my favorite sport. I enjoy swimming because I'm not great at team sports; I perform much better on my own when I don't have to worry about how well a teammate has to perform for a play to work. In swimming it's just me getting the job done and, even though the scoring is done on a team basis, no one can hold me back except myself. Nothing compares to winning a race and knowing that it was all my doing; others may have helped train me but in the end I was the one who swam faster than everyone else. My senior season was very successful: two first place finishes in individual events at the conference level and two ninth place finishes in the same events at the state championship. I'm really going to miss being on the varsity swimming team, but now I'm on NCSU's club swimming team and I love it.

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    How to Make My Favorite Sandwich
  1. Get two pieces of honey wheat bread.
  2. Place two pieces of cajun turkey on the bottom slice of bread.
  3. Then put a piece of baby swiss cheese on the turkey.
  4. Now put two pieces of ham on top of the cheese.
  5. Add lettuce.
  6. Add tomato and the second slice of bread.
Class Expected Grade
MA 241 A
E 115 S
CH 101 A+
PY 205 A
A swimmer swimming away from a shark